Peter Hopkins Relationship Counsellor & Sex Therapist
Peter HopkinsRelationship Counsellor & Sex Therapist  

Relationship Counselling

Communicating and staying connected in relationships may feel impossible during difficult times. When they work well, our closest relationships strengthen us and bring us joy; when they go wrong, it can be hard to understand how or why and may be necessary to get some professional support.


Who is it for?


Couples and individuals access relationship counselling for many different reasons. You may have experienced a betrayal, loss of communication or be experiencing a lack of intimacy. Counselling can help you work through these difficulties.


  • It’s for you if you need some time and support to work through any relationship issues, either with someone else or alone.
  • It’s a space to talk about what is happening in your relationship and work towards resolving the issues.
  • It’s a confidential setting in which you can work together with your counsellor and get the support you need.


What happens in the session?


In relationship counselling, you are encouraged to explore the issues openly and without defense. We are here to support you in achieving your own goals, which are often very personal. The counselling relationship is based on being open and honest about what the issues are and then being able to talk through these and work towards resolution.

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