Peter Hopkins Relationship Counsellor & Sex Therapist
Peter HopkinsRelationship Counsellor & Sex Therapist  

Sex Therapy

Talking about sexual issues can feel an awkward and unnatural thing to do.  Our sex lives are usually private but when things go wrong sexual difficulties can negatively impact on so many aspects of our relationships and general quality of life.


The aim of sex therapy is to help individuals and couples to resolve problems to their own satisfaction and return to a healthy level of emotional and physical intimacy.


Sometimes difficulties are experienced because of medical conditions and treatments in which case referral to and help from your GP will be the appropriate course of action. Sexual problems may arise from psychological or emotional reasons. Sometmes sexual problems reflect relationship difficulties and sometimes the sexual difficulty causes relationship problems.  In such cases sex therapy combined with relationship counselling is the best way forward.


What happens during sex therapy?

​A detailed outline of therapy and what might be expected of you will be discussed when you attend an initial meeting. As each person/couple is very different I tailor the therapy provided so that it suits your needs.

  • Assessment takes 5 sessions/weeks
  • Treatment on average takes 15 – 20 sessions/weeks
  • Exercises to do at home also involve a time commitment of approximately 3 hours a week

Benefits of sex therapy

Following sex therapy you will:

Better understand your own sexuality and what you want

  • Better understand your own body 
  • Feel more confident in sharing feelings and talking with your partner
  • Feel more connected with your partner 


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